monday verse: first sight

Lambs that learn to walk in snow When their bleating clouds the air Meet a vast unwelcome, know Nothing but a sunless glare. Newly stumbling to and fro All they find, outside the fold, Is a wretched width of cold. As they wait beside the ewe, Her fleeces wetly caked, there lies Hidden round them, … Continue reading monday verse: first sight

monday verse: I hid my love

I met her in the greenest dells, Where dewdrops pearl the wood bluebells; The lost breeze kissed her bright blue eye, The bee kissed and went singing by, A sunbeam found a passage there, A gold chain round her neck so fair; As secret as the wild bee's song She lay there all the summer … Continue reading monday verse: I hid my love

silver snowdrops

I love snowdrop flowers, because they're an early sign that winter is on the wane, and spring will make a welcome return. Unsurprisingly, they are now strongly associated with hope and consolation, and are often used for winter weddings. The Victorians, apparently, were less keen on them, considering them to be bad luck if brought … Continue reading silver snowdrops

weekly photo challenge: cover art (book)

This week's WordPress photo challenge invites us to imagine which of our images we would like to see gracing the cover of a book or album. As both books and albums are very important to me, how could I resist the challenge? It's not as easy as it sounds! I have lots of interesting photos, … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: cover art (book)

UK road trip – Seaham and the Yorkshire Dales

The second leg of our recent trip to the UK saw us staying with friends near Seaham. Luckily enough, we arrived in time for Sunday lunch, and headed straight out to the coast for some fish and chips. Seaham used to be a mining town, and there is still plenty of evidence of its industrial heritage, … Continue reading UK road trip – Seaham and the Yorkshire Dales

Le Tour de l’Avenir 2014 – Stage 1

For people who enjoy cycling and follow it fairly closely, we've had very little luck with the Tour de France. We've been in many places which have featured in the race, just not at the right time. Notably, there was the year a stage started from Brioude a few days after we left, and the year … Continue reading Le Tour de l’Avenir 2014 – Stage 1