news from the workshop: it’s all about the seed heads

I had a bit of unexpected work to do this weekend. I usually prefer to make my jewellery pieces before offering them for sale, mainly because I find it less pressurised that way, and the customer can see exactly what they are buying. I do however, have a couple of designs that I make to order. … Continue reading news from the workshop: it’s all about the seed heads

silver birch choker

  I've recently added this new design to my online shop. It's an elegantly curved silver pendant, designed to mimic the curling bark strips of the silver birch tree. The silver pendant tapers gently from the bottom, and the top has been rolled over to form a loop, which carries a leather thong. It's intended as … Continue reading silver birch choker

weekly photo challenge – selfie

I'm not really a big fan of selfies to be honest. I don't know how other people manage to take them with their phones or tablets, because whenever I try I end up with half my face out of shot. Or I just look demented. Sometimes both. So, I've gone for a more traditional approach, … Continue reading weekly photo challenge – selfie