Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I was planning to use this photo in some sort of Father Ted-inspired 'this sheep is small, but this one is far away' type post (take a look at this clip if you have no idea what I'm talking about!). However, as the dominant colour is green, it lends itself rather well to this week's photo challenge. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Green


The weather has finally turned a little more spring-like, after a particularly wet and windy March, so we've been able to do a little more exploring around our new home. The whole area is criss-crossed with paths and tracks. We managed two fairy substantial walks on consecutive days last week, one heading north from the house, … Continue reading Exploring

Hills, Cups, Rings, and a Folly: A Walk Around Rothbury

I may have been quiet of late, but I promise I have not been idle. There has been a lot of organising and settling in to do, together with getting to know the local area a little better. I have also been working on some new designs, of which more later. One of the things … Continue reading Hills, Cups, Rings, and a Folly: A Walk Around Rothbury

A Winter Walk

We're due to move in just over a fortnight, and I'm trying to take a break from the packing to get around some of my favourite walks for one last time. Partly to say goodbye to the landscapes, partly because I'm thinking of joining a walking group in Northumberland, and I don't want to be left … Continue reading A Winter Walk

auvergne landscapes: first autumn walk

I have been out walking since the beginning of September, but today was the first time that it felt properly autumnal. A little too autumnal, actually. I could have done with a slightly less of the mist, and more of the mellow fruitfulness and maturing sun. The wonderful colours made up for the weather though. The … Continue reading auvergne landscapes: first autumn walk

weekly photo challenge: admiration

I have always been vaguely aware that there was such a thing as the language of flowers, but I've only taken a keen interest in it since I began to make jewellery. I like to include a hidden meaning or symbolism within my designs when I can. Many plants and trees have folklore and mythology … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: admiration

musical cows

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lxZucqXYDw It's not unusual to find cows and sheep with bells around their necks in this part of the world, but this herd was taking it to the next level. Every cow was sporting a big, beautifully polished brass bell, and they all seemed to be tuned to slightly different notes. Do play the video and … Continue reading musical cows

a walk to La Trinité

  I've been trying to walk more regularly over the past couple of weeks, encouraged by a new app on my phone, which sends me cheery little motivational messages such  as "nice work!" and "keep hitting new highs!" In the interests of varying my route, I decided to visit the chapel of La Trinité, which … Continue reading a walk to La Trinité

weekly photo challenge: landscape

We live in the midst of beautiful landscapes, so I was planning to take a photograph especially for this week's photo challenge. Unfortunately, I have been foiled by the weather, which is forecast to be grey and wet all week. We are shrouded in low cloud at the moment, so no chance of a spectacular … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: landscape