Autumn Leaf

We recently moved house, and our new home has a number of skylight windows. Obviously, the drawback to these is that you can't actually look out of them and admire the view. On the plus side, they do frame the sky and treetops, and they let in a lot of natural light. An unexpected bonus, … Continue reading Autumn Leaf

Latest Designs: Pebble Necklace

This is one of the first of my new designs, inspired by my recent trips to the north east coast of England. It represents pebbles on a beach, receding into the distance, until they meet the horizon. The pebbles are made from scraps of silver, which form themselves into little balls when heated and melted with … Continue reading Latest Designs: Pebble Necklace

national poetry day: between the wars by billy bragg

Call up the craftsmen, bring me the draftsmen Build me a path from cradle to grave And I'll give my consent to any government That does not deny a man a living wage Go find the young men never to fight again Bring up the banners from the days gone by Sweet moderation, heart of … Continue reading national poetry day: between the wars by billy bragg