Tool Collection and Workshop Assistant

I’m combining two days of Instagram challenge posts here, because the two topics, Tool Collection and Workshop Assistant, are related. First up is part of my collection of jewellery-making tools, majoring on my pliers and snippers. The more observant amongst you will notice that this is a better quality image than most of my snaps. … Continue reading Tool Collection and Workshop Assistant

news from the workshop: a new addition

Great excitement at La Petite Maison last week, as I took delivery of this. It's a ring stretcher and reducer, and whilst it may not look that thrilling, it will allow me to make and accurately size closed rings. I do make rings at the moment, but they are all unsoldered, so that they can … Continue reading news from the workshop: a new addition

the benefits of a third hand

Soldering together tiny components is one of the aspects of making jewellery that I find the most fiddly and frustrating. There are so many things that can go wrong, from the teeny squares of solder pinging across the workbench as they heat up, through one of the pieces of metal shifting position slightly at a … Continue reading the benefits of a third hand