coping with august

Although it has not been as consistently hot and dry as last summer, we have had several spells of very high temperatures this year. We're just coming to the end of what will hopefully be the final week of temperatures in the mid to high 30s centigrade. I know I shouldn't complain about fine weather, … Continue reading coping with august

auvergne landscapes: tournesols

This summer is the first time we have seen fields of sunflowers growing so near to us. These beauties are growing on a sunny slope just outside the village of Chirac, in the Allier Valley. They have certainly benefitted from the sort of weather more commonly found further south, as we've had a very hot … Continue reading auvergne landscapes: tournesols

monday verse: autumn journal

"Close and slow, summer is ending in Hampshire, Ebbing away down ramps of shaven lawn... And August going out to the tin trumpets of nasturtiums And the sunflowers' Salvation Army blare of brass" from Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice These are the opening lines of Louis MacNeice's long poem Autumn Journal. Written throughout the closing months … Continue reading monday verse: autumn journal


Finally the sun has made a welcome return. The past two days have been lovely, with the promise of a dry and warm week to come. There are lots of jobs to do in the garden, plus it's high time we got the bikes out again. The grey damp days did give me the opportunity … Continue reading sunflower