Latest Designs: Snowdrops

I always look forward to the appearance of the first green spears of snowdrops in January. Although the bulk of winter is still to come, they do seem to bring with them the promise that spring will indeed come. In French, they are called perce-neige, literally snow piercer. I think of snowdrops as a quintessential … Continue reading Latest Designs: Snowdrops

February Landscape: Signs of Spring

As I write this, it is looking distinctly wintry outside. We’ve had heavy snow overnight, with more forecast for the next few days, and there were some very cold days this month. However, February hasn’t all been about frost and ice. We’ve had some lovely sunny days too, with the first signs of spring starting … Continue reading February Landscape: Signs of Spring

Beloved: snowdrops

One of my favourite sights at this time of year - a carpet of snowdrops. These were in the grounds of the National Trust property Wallington Hall. ”Beloved” is the theme for the photo challenge this week, and you can find out which objects, views, and people are held dear by other bloggers over on … Continue reading Beloved: snowdrops


It’s been a cold start to the new year here in Northumberland, but there are signs that whilst spring may not be just around the corner, it is certainly on the horizon. We’re starting to see the green points of snowdrops pushing up through the soil, and through last year’s leaf litter. It’s our first … Continue reading Growth


One of the things that has surprised and delighted me about early spring in Northumberland is the number of snowdrops, which seem to grow wild in huge numbers on every verge, and on any stretch of waste ground. In France, we found them in a couple of places locally, but I've never seen snowdrops growing … Continue reading Snowdrops

news from the workshop: silver snowdrops with freshwater pearls

It occurred to me when I was posting Ted Hughes' poem Snowdrops that I hadn't thought about making any snowdrop earrings this year. An omission that needed to be rectified quickly, before the flowers themselves have been and gone! I've made a pair of snowdrop earrings for each of the past three years, varying the … Continue reading news from the workshop: silver snowdrops with freshwater pearls

monday verse: snowdrop

Now is the globe shrunk tight Round the mouse's dulled wintering heart Weasel and crow, as if moulded in brass, Move through an outer darkness Not in their right minds, With the other deaths. She, too, pursues her ends, Brutal as the stars of this month, Her pale head heavy as metal. Snowdrop by Ted … Continue reading monday verse: snowdrop

silver snowdrops

I love snowdrop flowers, because they're an early sign that winter is on the wane, and spring will make a welcome return. Unsurprisingly, they are now strongly associated with hope and consolation, and are often used for winter weddings. The Victorians, apparently, were less keen on them, considering them to be bad luck if brought … Continue reading silver snowdrops

snowdrops and snow

We had an unexpected fall of snow earlier this week, with more forecast for the weekend. It gave me the opportunity to photograph these silver snowdrop earrings with a backdrop of snow. They are hanging from one of the little beech saplings, which (we hope) will eventually grow into a hedge. I always look out … Continue reading snowdrops and snow