Grahy 2010

Originally posted on 750 metres:
This is the house as we first saw it in July 2010. It was all very overgrown! The interior of the main house was used as a studio by the past owner and their many artworks. We finally signed the Act de Vente just before Christmas and this time the area…

snowy sunday

   I got caught in a bit of a blizzard on my walk today. We’ve had sunshine and snow showers all day, and believe it or not, it was clear and bright again by the time I got home. Winter isn’t giving up without a fight this year though.

monday verse: socrate

Snow’s on the fellside, look! How deep; our wood’s staggering under its weight. The burns will be tonguetied while frost lasts. But we’ll thaw out. Logs, logs for the hearth; and don’t spare my good whisky. No water, please. Forget the weather. Elm and ash will stop signalling when this gale drops. Why reckon? Why … More monday verse: socrate

news from the workshop: silver snowdrops with freshwater pearls

It occurred to me when I was posting Ted Hughes’ poem Snowdrops that I hadn’t thought about making any snowdrop earrings this year. An omission that needed to be rectified quickly, before the flowers themselves have been and gone! I’ve made a pair of snowdrop earrings for each of the past three years, varying the … More news from the workshop: silver snowdrops with freshwater pearls

november snow

  I don’t get as excited about snow as I used to, as we’re pretty much guaranteed two or three ‘chutes de neige’ each winter here. But there is still something quite magical about waking up and finding the landscape transformed, at least for the first time it happens each year. Here are some pictures … More november snow

winter returns

Just to show that you can’t take anything for granted at this time of year. After a sunny spring afternoon working in the garden yesterday, we woke to this view this morning. Looks like winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet.