flaming june

I've been neglecting my blog disgracefully for the past couple of weeks, largely because summer has arrived with a vengeance in Grahy. We've had days of blue skies and sunshine, with temperatures today and yesterday in the mid to high 30s centigrade. It's a bit too hot for me, to be honest, although I'm really … Continue reading flaming june

dandelion clocks

We've decided to leave more areas of uncut grass in the garden this year, to encourage wild plants and flowers, and provide a food source for pollinating insects. We're already seeing a wide range of species, including clover, speedwell, buttercups, herb robert, and, as you can see in the photo, dandelions. The flowers are rather … Continue reading dandelion clocks

silver poppies

It's still a bit early in the year for poppies really, but we ordered our Higgledy Garden flower seeds last week, ready for sowing later this month, and we included some poppy seeds this year. In the UK, poppies have been associated with remembrance since the end of the First World War, but they have a … Continue reading silver poppies

weekly photo challenge: reward

I'm certainly not casting any clouts just yet, but we have had some dry sunny days over the past couple of weeks, so we've taken the opportunity to start work in the garden. There's a lot to do at this time of year, some of which should probably have been done last autumn, but never … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: reward

the turning of the season

Summer has made a welcome return over the past few days, after a long spell of very unsettled stormy weather. We still have a lot of flowers blooming in the garden, but there are hints that the season is changing. Some of the plants, like these aquilegia, had their moment earlier in the year, and … Continue reading the turning of the season

weekly photo challenge: texture

I featured the seed heads of our honesty plants in an earlier post. They were still very green and smooth at that point. A couple of months have passed since then, and they are rapidly drying out, and taking on a crinkled, textured parchment-like appearance. Don't they look wonderful? To my mind, they were just asking … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: texture