The theme for this week’s photo challenge is ‘liquid’, which is timely for me, as we’ve just got back from a holiday in St Monans, on the East Neuk of Fife, Sctoland. It’s essentially a coastal area, and the landscapes are dominated by the sea. We were blessed with wonderfully warm and sunny weather, so … Continue reading Liquid

weekly photo challenge: out of season

There is something very particular about small British seaside resorts out of season. All those closed souvenir shops and cafés, boarded-up beach huts,  deserted beaches and empty promenades conspire to give them an air of melancholy, of abandonment. They were built for sunny days and holiday crowds, for paddling children and inflatable beach balls and ice creams on the … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: out of season

monday verse: gulls aloft

Gulls are glanced from the lift of Of cliffing air And left Loitering in the descending drift, Or tilt gradient and go Down steep invisible clefts in the grain Of air, blading against the blow, Back-flip, wisp Over the foam-galled green Building seas from Gulls Aloft by Ted Hughes We came across this couple feeding the … Continue reading monday verse: gulls aloft

monday verse: shells

From that gigantic bed of the sea Where darkness on time Begets pearl, monster and anemone Only shells come To chatter of emptiness, or lie Lovely as dumb. from Shells by Ted Hughes Another photo from our recent trip to the UK this week. We were staying on the coast, so of course a walk … Continue reading monday verse: shells

monday verse: seaside

I must turn again Where, down beyond the low untrodden strand, There curves and glimmers outward to the unknown The old unquiet ocean. All the shade Is rife with magic and movement. I stray alone Here on the edge of silence, half afraid, Waiting a sign. In the deep heart of me The sullen waters swell … Continue reading monday verse: seaside