Copper Seahorse

It was difficult to order jewellery making supplies when the Covid-19 outbreak first hit (although things have improved now) so I've been on a bit of a mission to use up some of my existing materials on new designs. This copper seahorse is a case in point. I used to work with copper much more … Continue reading Copper Seahorse

New Sea Glass Designs

I hope that everyone is staying safe and well, and not finding the restrictions on their movements too onerous. I'm lucky to live in a rural area, so it's fairly easy to go out for a walk or bike ride each day, and not see another soul. I do feel for those who are stuck … Continue reading New Sea Glass Designs

news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

Having carried out extensive research (that'll be five minutes on the internet then), I have discovered that the collective noun for seahorses is 'herd'.  A herd of seahorses. That just sounds wrong. It's a word that doesn't begin to do justice to these weird, graceful, beautiful creatures, and I've decided to go with 'flotilla' instead. … Continue reading news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

news from the workshop: purple and blue

Great excitement earlier this week, as my new purple and blue aluminium sheet arrived in the post. I already had some designs in mind, so I wasted no time in getting down to work. First up is this purple seahorse. It's a design that I've made a couple of times in silver, but I think … Continue reading news from the workshop: purple and blue

christmas shopping

Christmas is rapidly approaching, which I guess means that people will be thinking about buying gifts for their nearest and dearest. To help you out with your Christmas shopping, I have put together some special offers on matching sets of jewellery, with a saving on the price of buying the pieces separately. Each piece of … Continue reading christmas shopping

new earrings

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd been working on several pairs of earrings. They were't looking particularly glamourous at that point, but after lots of polishing and shining, they are finally finished. I was making mainly post earrings at the time, but since then I've finished some new dangly ones too. Here's a … Continue reading new earrings

verdigris fail

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I was experimenting with applying a verdigris finish to a copper seahorse. Well, it wasn't a big success. In fact, it didn't work at all. Things looked promising to start with - I covered the seahorse with a mixture of vinegar and salt as instructed, and left … Continue reading verdigris fail

back to the workshop

We've had a busy few days at La Petite Maison, with some friends visiting from the UK. Sadly the weather wasn't all it could be, but we did manage to get out for a walk, and a drive over to the Allier valley. Here we are in the abbey cloister at Chanteuges. I think I'm … Continue reading back to the workshop