weekly photo challenge: partners

Flowers and bees - a perfect partnership. Their mutually beneficial relationship has evolved over millions of years. It is now sadly under threat, as bee numbers are in decline. There are several simple, practical things that we can all do to help, such as those suggested on the Friends of the Earth Website. You can find many … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: partners

flowers and bees

We are continuing to leave areas of our garden a little wilder this year, in order to provide food for bees and butterflies. It's still a little early for many of the butterflies, although I did see a swallowtail a few days ago, but we do have a lot of bees visiting, and hopefully pollenating … Continue reading flowers and bees

news from the workshop: it’s all about the seed heads

I had a bit of unexpected work to do this weekend. I usually prefer to make my jewellery pieces before offering them for sale, mainly because I find it less pressurised that way, and the customer can see exactly what they are buying. I do however, have a couple of designs that I make to order. … Continue reading news from the workshop: it’s all about the seed heads

monday verse: june

Now summer is in flower and nature's hum Is never silent round her sultry bloom Insects as small as dust are never done Wi' glittering dance and reeling in the sun And green wood fly and blossom haunting bee Are never weary of their melody Round field hedge now flowers in full glory twine Large … Continue reading monday verse: june

flaming june

I've been neglecting my blog disgracefully for the past couple of weeks, largely because summer has arrived with a vengeance in Grahy. We've had days of blue skies and sunshine, with temperatures today and yesterday in the mid to high 30s centigrade. It's a bit too hot for me, to be honest, although I'm really … Continue reading flaming june

weekly photo challenge: unexpected

The snow that fell last week is just starting to melt, although we did have a fresh fall overnight and this morning. Yesterday was a perfect winter day; cold, but with bright sunshine and a clear blue sky. We went for a walk up the hill to the next hamlet, and we were very surprised … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: unexpected

silver seed head earrings

My Wordless Wednesday post, featuring scabious flowers, reminded me that I haven't yet showcased these earrings:   They were inspired not by the flowers of the scabious, but the striking, spiky seed heads that they leave behind. I initially made a pair in brass, which sold very quickly, so I decided to try a similar design … Continue reading silver seed head earrings