new camera

It was David from 750 metres’ birthday this week, so he bought me a gift. I don’t think he’s entirely got the hang of how birthdays work. Anyway, I’m now the proud owner of a new compact digital camera – a Nikon Coolpix no less. It’s very dinky and light, and ideal to slip into a … More new camera

flaming june

I’ve been neglecting my blog disgracefully for the past couple of weeks, largely because summer has arrived with a vengeance in Grahy. We’ve had days of blue skies and sunshine, with temperatures today and yesterday in the mid to high 30s centigrade. It’s a bit too hot for me, to be honest, although I’m really … More flaming june


Sometimes it’s good to look more closely at things, and see past the obvious. Take roses, for instance. Your attention is immediately caught by the gorgeous big, colourful, fragrant flowers. But underneath, there is also a simple, stark beauty in their stems, with their arsenal of wickedly, wonderfully curving thorns. I’ve had a go at capturing that beauty … More thorns