Summer Gift Ideas

June is nearly over, so I thought it's high time I shared some gift ideas for those with summer birthdays. First up are my Daisy designs, mostly made from silver and brass, but I have recently added a pendant set with a beautiful golden yellow citrine. The designs are as neat and fresh as the … Continue reading Summer Gift Ideas

They Call It Poppy Love

I’ve been reviewing how my designs did in 2019, and I can only conclude that there is a lot of love out there for poppies. Not only were my poppy pieces easily my best sellers, I also got some really great feedback from my lovely customers. "Absolutely gorgeous. Really helpful maker. Well packed and prompt … Continue reading They Call It Poppy Love

Latest Designs: Meadow Flowers

My latest pieces are two pendants inspired by traditional meadows. Wildflower meadows are a vital habitat for birds and insects, but sadly they are in decline. The campaign group Save Our Magnificent Meadows estimate that only 2% of the meadows that existed in the UK in the 1930s still remain, and those that do survive … Continue reading Latest Designs: Meadow Flowers

Latest Designs: Poppy Flowers

The snow that I posted about last week has finally melted, our broadband connection has been reinstated, and things are pretty much back to normal here. I did use the few days of being snowed in wisely, catching up with some reading, and completing some new jewellery designs. The first are these poppy pendants and … Continue reading Latest Designs: Poppy Flowers

news from the workshop: the moon and more

I've been busy over the past week or so, finishing off some of the designs that I had started, then set aside to work on a commission. The first is this full moon necklace. I really wanted to capture the rough, cratered appearance of the surface of the moon, so I started by adding some … Continue reading news from the workshop: the moon and more

welcome to my day: silver poppies I'm experimenting with Mesh, a phone app recommended by WordPress. It allows you to create a gallery of photos from you phone (or iPad in my case) and publish it directly to your blog. Which is exactly what I've done. It's been wet today, so I've been working on a couple of designs in … Continue reading welcome to my day: silver poppies

copper poppy

Here is my latest jewellery design. It's a single poppy flower, made from copper, with a little ball of silver in the centre. It hangs from a silver cable necklet, which has been threaded through two holes drilled into the flower's petals. Here is the direct inspiration for the design, photographed whilst out walking last … Continue reading copper poppy