monday verse: pigeons

On shallow slates the pigeons shift together, Backing against a thin rain from the west Blown across each sunk head and settled feather. from Pigeons by Philip Larkin We came across these pigeons in Paris, one freezing cold February. Seriously, I don't think I've ever been so cold. They were huddled on this grate, taking … Continue reading monday verse: pigeons

weekly photo challenge: intricate

This rather beautiful and very intricate dome is inside the Galeries Lafayette department store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. It's more like the interior of a particularly extravagant theatre or opera house than a shop, and well worth a visit even if you aren't a big fan of retail therapy. As Holly Golightly says of … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: intricate

weekly photo challenge: juxtaposition

I like to explore contrasts and juxtapositions in my jewellery designs - a bright polished surface set against areas of oxidation, combining different metals, the line dividing texture from a smooth finish. I'm also fascinated by the way that urban spaces combine different architectural elements, how and why some work, and some, quite spectacularly, don't. … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: juxtaposition