news from the workshop: morning glory

  It's been quite a while since my last workshop update, mostly because I've been very busy in the garden now that the weather has turned spring-like. I have managed to spend some time working on new designs over the past few days though, and here is the result. The inspiration for these delicate little … Continue reading news from the workshop: morning glory

rings on her fingers

I've tended to steer clear of making rings, not because they're particularly challenging in themselves, but because the sizing is a real pain. To start with, there are at least six different standards for ring sizes in different parts of the world, and selling internationally on Etsy, this can be a bit of a headache. And … Continue reading rings on her fingers

christmas shopping

Christmas is rapidly approaching, which I guess means that people will be thinking about buying gifts for their nearest and dearest. To help you out with your Christmas shopping, I have put together some special offers on matching sets of jewellery, with a saving on the price of buying the pieces separately. Each piece of … Continue reading christmas shopping

morning glory

It's nearly the end of September, and a lot of the summer flowers are past their best, but the convolvulus or morning glory is still blooming in hedgerows and gardens. As bindweed, it can be a real problem in gardens, where it climbs over other plants and completely overwhelms them. Fortunately, we don't seem to … Continue reading morning glory