Process – Oxidisation

Day 6 of the jewellery Insta challenge, and I’m still going strong. The prompt today is Process, so I thought I’d share a series of pictures showing the process of oxidising and polishing one on my moon-gazing hare pendant sets. The roughly polished silver pieces are dropped into a warm solution of liver of sulphur … Continue reading Process – Oxidisation

instagram challenge day 3

Day three of my Instagram challenge, and today its's all about brand inspiration. Obviously, my choice of name was inspired by the moon, hanging there in the night sky. Why? Because it's silvery, beautiful, and rich in symbolism. Harvest moon specifically because the harvest moon shines at a time of plenty. There's also a bit … Continue reading instagram challenge day 3

news from the workshop: the moon and more

I've been busy over the past week or so, finishing off some of the designs that I had started, then set aside to work on a commission. The first is this full moon necklace. I really wanted to capture the rough, cratered appearance of the surface of the moon, so I started by adding some … Continue reading news from the workshop: the moon and more

weekly photo challenge: victory

We benefit from having very little light pollution where we live, so the night skies are often fairly spectacular. I'm fascinated by the moon, and all the mythology that surrounds it, and it has been a source of inspiration for a number of my jewellery designs. However, I've struggled in the past to get a photograph … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: victory

news from the workshop: celestial

  I've been away visiting family in the UK for the past few days, so my workshop has been rather quiet, but I thought I'd share some pictures of the designs I was working on before I left. The darker evenings and clear, cold autumn skies have prompted me to work on some pieces inspired … Continue reading news from the workshop: celestial

news from the workshop: melancholy music and silvery moons

  It's been all about the earrings this week, which has given me the opportunity to work with my garnet and moonstone beads once again. For non-bead lovers, I was also working on a pair of polished silver crescent moon earrings. The days are warm and sunny at the moment, but we've had some very … Continue reading news from the workshop: melancholy music and silvery moons

news from the workshop: moonstones

I love moonstones, with their subtle play of milky blue colour, but the supplier I usually go to for my materials does not sell moonstone beads, so I haven't used them in my designs before. I recently decided to try another supplier, and found these gorgeous 6mm round rainbow moonstone beads. I'm so pleased with them. … Continue reading news from the workshop: moonstones