March Landscape: Snowy Scene

These aren’t the sort of pictures that I was expecting to be posting for my March landscape, but it really has been a month dominated by snow. We had three days of heavy snowfall and high winds, which caused massive drifts amd blocked the road for nearly a week. Just as that lot finally melted, … Continue reading March Landscape: Snowy Scene

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I was planning to use this photo in some sort of Father Ted-inspired 'this sheep is small, but this one is far away' type post (take a look at this clip if you have no idea what I'm talking about!). However, as the dominant colour is green, it lends itself rather well to this week's photo challenge. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Green


The weather has finally turned a little more spring-like, after a particularly wet and windy March, so we've been able to do a little more exploring around our new home. The whole area is criss-crossed with paths and tracks. We managed two fairy substantial walks on consecutive days last week, one heading north from the house, … Continue reading Exploring