monday verse: an arundel tomb

Side by side, their faces blurred, The earl and countess lie in stone, Their proper habits vaguely shown As jointed armour, stiffened pleat, And that faint hint of the absurd— The little dogs under their feet. from An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin The heatwave that we've been enduring the past few weeks has had … Continue reading monday verse: an arundel tomb

weekly photo challenge: early bird

This photograph dates back to when I was working at the Central Library in Leeds. I used get up early to catch a train into the city centre, then walk up to the library and start work at 8.30 - you can see from the Town Hall clock that I was there in plenty of time on … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: early bird

weekly photo challenge: beginning

This is the first finished piece of jewellery that I made when I started classes at Leeds College of Art. I was inordinately proud of it at the time, and I do still wear it from time to time. It looks very simple, but I learned quite  few of the basic techniques of jewellery making … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: beginning