Tea (or coffee) Break

The theme for the May Instagram challenge that I’m still managing to keep up with is Tea Break. Now, there is a topic that is close to my heart. There’s nothing I like better than a trip out, and some tea or coffee and a slice of cake. Obviously, tea-drinking and cake-eating excursions have been … Continue reading Tea (or coffee) Break

Tool Collection and Workshop Assistant

I’m combining two days of Instagram challenge posts here, because the two topics, Tool Collection and Workshop Assistant, are related. First up is part of my collection of jewellery-making tools, majoring on my pliers and snippers. The more observant amongst you will notice that this is a better quality image than most of my snaps. … Continue reading Tool Collection and Workshop Assistant

Staying Home

Throughout May I’m doing one of those daily post challenges over on Instagram. I have a habit of falling off the wagon with them, so I thought I’d give myself a bit of extra motivation by posting the pictures up here too. Yesterday we just had to share the prompts, so although it’s day 2 … Continue reading Staying Home

instagram challenge day 3

Day three of my Instagram challenge, and today its's all about brand inspiration. Obviously, my choice of name was inspired by the moon, hanging there in the night sky. Why? Because it's silvery, beautiful, and rich in symbolism. Harvest moon specifically because the harvest moon shines at a time of plenty. There's also a bit … Continue reading instagram challenge day 3

instagram challenge days 1 & 2

I have an account over on Instagram where I share images from my day. There are some work in progress shots, things I see whilst out walking, landscapes, and the occasional cat photo. Whatever takes my fancy, really. I'm @harvestmoonjewellery, or You can find me here if you're interested. For the next two weeks, I'm … Continue reading instagram challenge days 1 & 2