where the bee dances

Our lavender is looking really splendid this year, much to the delight of this enormous bee. I assume it's a bumble bee of some sort, but I have failed badly with bee identification in the past, so I'm unwilling to commit myself! Please do leave a comment if you know exactly what sort of bee … Continue reading where the bee dances

weekly photo challenge: look up

I'm often guilty of looking down when out and about, and noticing little details at ground level, rather than looking up and taking in the bigger picture. I do, however, have a penchant for photographs taken at the foot of tall buildings. I think it's something about the soaring lines of perspective that appeals to me. … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: look up

news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

Having carried out extensive research (that'll be five minutes on the internet then), I have discovered that the collective noun for seahorses is 'herd'.  A herd of seahorses. That just sounds wrong. It's a word that doesn't begin to do justice to these weird, graceful, beautiful creatures, and I've decided to go with 'flotilla' instead. … Continue reading news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

weekly photo challenge: partners

Flowers and bees - a perfect partnership. Their mutually beneficial relationship has evolved over millions of years. It is now sadly under threat, as bee numbers are in decline. There are several simple, practical things that we can all do to help, such as those suggested on the Friends of the Earth Website. You can find many … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: partners

weekly photo challenge: curve

Allier Valley landscape, framed by the curve of the porch of the Eglise de St Marie, at St Julien des Chazes. We have been meaning to visit this tiny, isolated church since we first saw it in 2009 , from the window of the 'train touristique', which winds down through the gorges of the River … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: curve

yellow gentian

Now that June is well advanced, giant, alien-looking plants are beginning to appear in the landscape of Haute-Loire. Starting off with a rosette of silvery-green leaves close to the ground, they gradually put up a tall flower spike, which is crowned with clusters of tiny golden flowers. They are the yellow gentian (gentiana lutea), a truly … Continue reading yellow gentian

monday verse: out of time

It is a formal and deserted garden With many a flower bed and winding path. A cupid stands and draws a bow at venture Upon a marble bath. All around his feet the eager ivy grows, Stretches upon the stone, above the ground, And in the ivy flowers the busy bee Makes a melodious sound. … Continue reading monday verse: out of time