new designs: leaping hares

Hares are usually associated with springtime, when they can be seen running and boxing each other, so obviously I've waited until autumn to make these silver hare earrings. Oops. Still, hares are such beautiful, elegant creatures that they deserve to be celebrated all year round. These earrings are actually my second recent design to feature a … Continue reading new designs: leaping hares

auvergne landscapes: first autumn walk

I have been out walking since the beginning of September, but today was the first time that it felt properly autumnal. A little too autumnal, actually. I could have done with a slightly less of the mist, and more of the mellow fruitfulness and maturing sun. The wonderful colours made up for the weather though. The … Continue reading auvergne landscapes: first autumn walk

new designs: autumnal amber

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had been working with amber. I actually got a string of beautiful coin beads from a lady who was selling strings of beads by weight at a brocante (antiques market) in nearby Langeac. I wasted no time in de-stringing them, and found I had a wonderful … Continue reading new designs: autumnal amber

sea glass, framed in silver

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning to try working with pieces of sea glass and silver wire. Well, I did just that, and these are my first two pieces. They are both pendants, one in a pale aqua green colour, the other a sea foam white. Both have been framed within … Continue reading sea glass, framed in silver

news from the workshop: re-discovering copper

There comes a point every summer when all of the colour seems to have been bleached from the landscape, and I start to long for the rich, deep tones of autumn. I think I've pretty much reached that point. We're having a mini heatwave here, the hay has all been cut and baled, and the fields … Continue reading news from the workshop: re-discovering copper

weekly photo challenge: cherry on top

Sophie, perched on top of the woodpile. She seems to have adopted this spot as her favoured location for a siesta on hot afternoons. It's shady, it catches the breeze, and it allows her to keep an eye on the birds. There's even a cover, so she doesn't have to lie directly on the hard … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: cherry on top

weekly photo challenge: details

I successfully grew several of these echinops plants from seed sown in spring last year, and they are finally just about to burst into flower. They are commonly know as the globe thistle, and when they do eventually bloom, each stalk with be topped with a ball of tiny deep blue flowers. In fact, if you look … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: details