Process – Oxidisation

Day 6 of the jewellery Insta challenge, and I’m still going strong. The prompt today is Process, so I thought I’d share a series of pictures showing the process of oxidising and polishing one on my moon-gazing hare pendant sets. The roughly polished silver pieces are dropped into a warm solution of liver of sulphur … Continue reading Process – Oxidisation

Garden Visitors

Our garden borders on to fields and woodland, and we see a wide variety of birds and animals. Two especially welcome visitors in the last couple of weeks have been this beautiful red squirrel, which we see fairly regularly, and a very large brown hare. This may be the leveret that spent several weeks around … Continue reading Garden Visitors

Latest Designs: Silver Hare Necklace

I'm just about ready for the opening of the Bilberry and Birch Etsy shop on 1st February. I still have a couple of new designs to photograph and add, but one that I did manage to get done today was this silver and copper hare necklace. It features a silver running hare, set against a rising … Continue reading Latest Designs: Silver Hare Necklace

new designs: leaping hares

Hares are usually associated with springtime, when they can be seen running and boxing each other, so obviously I've waited until autumn to make these silver hare earrings. Oops. Still, hares are such beautiful, elegant creatures that they deserve to be celebrated all year round. These earrings are actually my second recent design to feature a … Continue reading new designs: leaping hares