The prompt for this week's photo challenge is "muse", and we are asked, "what subject keeps you coming back?" What I keep returning to, in both my photography and my jewellery designs, are leaves. I'm particularly fascinated with oak leaves at the moment. We have a lot of little saplings growing around the garden, and the … Continue reading muse

copper pins

I've been spending a lot of time making and not much writing blog posts over the past couple of weeks. I had a really busy November and December, so I've been working on new designs and building up my shop stock whilst it's a little quieter, including these copper hair grips / shawl pins. Actually, the … Continue reading copper pins

oak leaves

I've been working on a series of oak leaf jewellery in copper for the past few days. The reason? We've just enjoyed a spell of unseasonably warm and sunny weather (although it rained all day yesterday), so we've been doing a lot of walking, and there are drifts of fallen leaves everywhere. They are mainly … Continue reading oak leaves