Summer Gift Ideas

June is nearly over, so I thought it's high time I shared some gift ideas for those with summer birthdays. First up are my Daisy designs, mostly made from silver and brass, but I have recently added a pendant set with a beautiful golden yellow citrine. The designs are as neat and fresh as the … Continue reading Summer Gift Ideas

gift ideas for january birthdays

Did you know that the silver birch tree is associated with the star sign capricorn? Apparently, according to Celtic tree astrology, this is indeed the case. I'm not sure how historically accurate this is (not entirely, I suspect), but its a beguiling idea. The birch, known as the goddess tree or lady of the woods, … Continue reading gift ideas for january birthdays

news from the workshop: melancholy music and silvery moons

  It's been all about the earrings this week, which has given me the opportunity to work with my garnet and moonstone beads once again. For non-bead lovers, I was also working on a pair of polished silver crescent moon earrings. The days are warm and sunny at the moment, but we've had some very … Continue reading news from the workshop: melancholy music and silvery moons


I have been working with gemstone beads for the past couple of days, partly because we've reached that bleached-out time of year when the green of summer has faded, but the tints of autumn have not yet taken hold, and I'm craving rich, deep colours. But also partly because I've been looking at pictures of … Continue reading renaissance