January Landscape: Frost

January has brought with it the first really cold, frosty days of the winter. Sometimes this has meant sunshine, but we’ve also had grey leaden skies. There has been a lot of luminous afternoon light, and a couple of stunning sunrises. It is definitely staying lighter for longer in the evenings now, and despite the … Continue reading January Landscape: Frost

A Winter Walk

We're due to move in just over a fortnight, and I'm trying to take a break from the packing to get around some of my favourite walks for one last time. Partly to say goodbye to the landscapes, partly because I'm thinking of joining a walking group in Northumberland, and I don't want to be left … Continue reading A Winter Walk

weekly photo challenge: object

We're plagued with these particular objects in the garden at the moment. We had a lot of different mushrooms (or are they toadstools - I'm never sure) during the Autumn, but they disappeared with the colder weather. We've had a very mild and sunny January, and they now seem to be making an unwelcome return. … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: object