St Didier sur Doulon and Lugeastre by velo

Since the Tour de France finished, we've been spending less time watching other people ride their bikes, and a bit more time actually getting out on ours. We usually head south out of the village and pick up the main road to Brioude, but we've been experimenting with turning the other way in the direction … Continue reading St Didier sur Doulon and Lugeastre by velo


One of the (many) lovely things about living in this area of France is seeing how clean and clear the rivers and streams are. Fishing is a very popular pastime, the Allier River is well known for salmon fishing. In the photo above, we are standing on a bridge above the River Doulon, which runs … Continue reading pebbles

a colourful afternoon

We had rain this morning, but it cleared up this afternoon, so we headed out for a walk around Vals-le-Chastel, our nearest village. We came across this stunning oak tree growing next to the River Doulon. The colours were spectacular, even on an overcast afternoon. No handy bar tabac in Vals, so it was straight … Continue reading a colourful afternoon