Hedgerow: variations on a theme

The hedgerows around the house have been given their annual haircut, and they are looking very straight and tidy. Although they still form a hedge, it’s possible to see the individual plants that combine to make the whole. The pattern repeats, yet each is unique. Variations on a theme. Find more infinite variety over on … Continue reading Hedgerow: variations on a theme

Weathered: drinking trough

This old drinking trough looks like it has been here for some time, although I suspect that the bath and brick extension may be a more recent addition. Both parts are certainly weathered, which is handy, as that’s the prompt for this week’s photo challenge. Find more weathering over on the Daily Post blog.  


It's harvest time, and the fields all around us are full of bales, if those giant rolls of hay are indeed still called bales. The weather has been very changeable over the past week though, and some crops have not yet been gathered in. This combine harvester has been parked up for a few days … Continue reading Waiting

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

The fields all around us are suddenly populated by tiny lambs, and the air is full of their plaintive, high-pitched bleating. It's a lovely sight, as few baby animals are so full of wobbly charm as a lamb, and it means that spring really has arrived. The ewes can appear to be fairly casual mothers at … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

weekly photo challenge: look up

I'm often guilty of looking down when out and about, and noticing little details at ground level, rather than looking up and taking in the bigger picture. I do, however, have a penchant for photographs taken at the foot of tall buildings. I think it's something about the soaring lines of perspective that appeals to me. … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: look up