Le Tour de l’Avenir – Stage 2

As planned, we drove over to La Chaise-Dieu to catch part of stage 2 of the Tour de l'Avenir yesterday afternoon. The last few kms of the drive were along the route of the race, so we were able to scout out a good place to stand and watch, and we walked back there once we'd … Continue reading Le Tour de l’Avenir – Stage 2

Le Tour de l’Avenir 2014 – Stage 1

For people who enjoy cycling and follow it fairly closely, we've had very little luck with the Tour de France. We've been in many places which have featured in the race, just not at the right time. Notably, there was the year a stage started from Brioude a few days after we left, and the year … Continue reading Le Tour de l’Avenir 2014 – Stage 1

St Didier sur Doulon and Lugeastre by velo

Since the Tour de France finished, we've been spending less time watching other people ride their bikes, and a bit more time actually getting out on ours. We usually head south out of the village and pick up the main road to Brioude, but we've been experimenting with turning the other way in the direction … Continue reading St Didier sur Doulon and Lugeastre by velo


I've been neglecting my jewellery making shamefully for the past couple of weeks, I'm afraid. I was hoping to finish a matching set of necklace and earrings and post the pictures here, but the necklace sold before I had a chance to do the earrings! The reason is that we've had a spell of gloriously … Continue reading distractions

Sunshine, bikes and cake

The snow has nearly all melted at last, just a few patches remaining in the shady areas of the garden, and we had a glorious day of blue skies and sunshine today. I did do some work on a pendant this morning (honest), but the lure of the great outdoors was too strong this afternoon. … Continue reading Sunshine, bikes and cake