Glow: Brinkburn Priory

Low autumn sunlight falls through the windows of the manor house at Brinkburn Priory, giving the stonework a warm, mellow glow. We've been meaning to visit Brinkburn Priory for a while now, and finally made it last weekend, just before it closed for the winter. It's a beautiful, peaceful site, and in a week of … Continue reading Glow: Brinkburn Priory

auvergne landscapes: abbaye notre-dame de randol

The weather is currently warm and sunny, and although we're no longer having to escape from the afternoon heat, we can't seem to get out of the habit of visiting churches. This one was just a little bit different though. The abbey of Notre Dame de Randol is a stunning piece of modernist architecture, hidden … Continue reading auvergne landscapes: abbaye notre-dame de randol

coping with august

Although it has not been as consistently hot and dry as last summer, we have had several spells of very high temperatures this year. We're just coming to the end of what will hopefully be the final week of temperatures in the mid to high 30s centigrade. I know I shouldn't complain about fine weather, … Continue reading coping with august

weekly photo challenge: curve

Allier Valley landscape, framed by the curve of the porch of the Eglise de St Marie, at St Julien des Chazes. We have been meaning to visit this tiny, isolated church since we first saw it in 2009 , from the window of the 'train touristique', which winds down through the gorges of the River … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: curve

a walk to La Trinité

  I've been trying to walk more regularly over the past couple of weeks, encouraged by a new app on my phone, which sends me cheery little motivational messages such  as "nice work!" and "keep hitting new highs!" In the interests of varying my route, I decided to visit the chapel of La Trinité, which … Continue reading a walk to La Trinité

monday verse: an arundel tomb

Side by side, their faces blurred, The earl and countess lie in stone, Their proper habits vaguely shown As jointed armour, stiffened pleat, And that faint hint of the absurd— The little dogs under their feet. from An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin The heatwave that we've been enduring the past few weeks has had … Continue reading monday verse: an arundel tomb

frescoes and old lace

We had a couple of interesting cultural excursions this weekend, both of them in full-on rapid French. The first, on Saturday, was the opening of a new summer exhibition at the Lace Museum in Brioude. Now, I have to admit that we've never visited the Lace Museum, because to be honest it really doesn't sound … Continue reading frescoes and old lace