weekly photo challenge: contrast

Pictured above are our two cats, Sophie and Jess. Sophie is the black and white one, Jess is the tabby. They're sisters, and they usually get on well together, although they do have their moments. They look very different, and they have quite distinct personalities too. Jess is pretty relaxed and laid-back, much given to sitting … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: contrast

everything is blooming

We've put in lot of hard work with the garden since we moved, and this spring we're really starting to see the results. The picture above is the first of our fruit trees to blossom this year. It's an apple, Belle de Boskoop. Our Reine de Reinette is not far behind. We have a couple … Continue reading everything is blooming

inside (again)

Poor Jess cat has to stay inside today. We had pay an emergency visit to the vet yesterday afternoon, when she turned up looking very lethargic, and with a badly swollen paw. We're assuming it was an adder bite, although the vet couldn't find any puncture marks, and it could have been a bee sting. … Continue reading inside (again)