coping with august

Although it has not been as consistently hot and dry as last summer, we have had several spells of very high temperatures this year. We're just coming to the end of what will hopefully be the final week of temperatures in the mid to high 30s centigrade. I know I shouldn't complain about fine weather, … Continue reading coping with august

weekly photo challenge: look up

I'm often guilty of looking down when out and about, and noticing little details at ground level, rather than looking up and taking in the bigger picture. I do, however, have a penchant for photographs taken at the foot of tall buildings. I think it's something about the soaring lines of perspective that appeals to me. … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: look up

weekly photo challenge: face

This face can be found on the door of the Basilique Saint-Julien in Brioude. I assume that it's cast in bronze. I initially thought that it was a monkey, but looking again I'm not sure. An imp maybe? It's funny how you can both notice and not notice things at the same time. I must … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: face

monday verse: the cherry trees

The cherry trees bend over and are shedding, On the road where all that passed are dead, Their petals, strewing the grass as for a wedding This early May morn when there is none to wed. The Cherry Trees by Edward Thomas I love it when blossom is blown from trees, and swirls through the … Continue reading monday verse: the cherry trees

street art

I'm referring to this as 'street art' rather than graffiti, as I assume it has been officially sanctioned! I came across this little character on the outer wall of the Maison de Mandrin, an art gallery in Brioude. He's printed onto paper and stuck on, rather than painted on the mortar, and as there were other prints … Continue reading street art

it’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas has officially arrived in our corner of France. The lights are up, and there was a marché de noël in Brioude over the weekend, complete with vin chaud, roasted chestnuts, little booths selling work by local artisans, and the all-important arrival of Father Christmas. To be honest, we passed on that last bit, and … Continue reading it’s beginning to look a lot like…

weekly photo challenge: trio

Like it or not, I'm afraid Christmas is approaching. The decorations are up in Brioude (our nearest small town), including this trio of giant silver baubles. They're rather lovely in themselves, but if you look closely, you can see three versions of the square below, including the Basilique Saint-Julien, reflected in their mirrored surfaces. Empty … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: trio