buttercup earrings

I've been focusing on making earrings for the past week or so, after selling three pairs to one customer. Obviously this was really good news, but it did leave the shop a bit short. Never fear though, I've already added three new pairs to replace them, with more on the way. One of the new … Continue reading buttercup earrings

queen anne’s lace

In Summer, the hedgerows and verges are full of the frothy white flowers of Queen Anne's Lace (I much prefer that name to the alternative Cow Parsley). Pretty as the flowers are, I think that the plant really comes into its own in Autumn and Winter, when the seed heads form dramatic structural shapes against … Continue reading queen anne’s lace

Falling leaves

The area around La Petite Maison is covered in woodland. Some of the trees are pines, planted in plantations, but most are mixed native species, including a lot of beech and oak. In Autumn and early Winter that means glorious colour and falling leaves. Our neighbours tell us that the Autumn colour wasn't at its … Continue reading Falling leaves