a day of two halves

I’ve had a bit of a mixed day today. This morning, we needed to saw up some logs for our Rayburn, so it was on with the full set of protective clothing, and I set to with the chainsaw. Sorry, but there are no photos of this, as hard hat, goggles, reinforced gloves and protective boots are … More a day of two halves

spring creations

Spring came early to our part of France this year, with warm sunny days from February onwards. It’s a real contrast to last year, which was cold and wet. We had snow in April, and a vicious hailstorm in May which shredded the young leaves on many of our plants. We’re obviously not out of … More spring creations


I’ve been neglecting my jewellery making shamefully for the past couple of weeks, I’m afraid. I was hoping to finish a matching set of necklace and earrings and post the pictures here, but the necklace sold before I had a chance to do the earrings! The reason is that we’ve had a spell of gloriously … More distractions

christmas shopping

Christmas is rapidly approaching, which I guess means that people will be thinking about buying gifts for their nearest and dearest. To help you out with your Christmas shopping, I have put together some special offers on matching sets of jewellery, with a saving on the price of buying the pieces separately. Each piece of … More christmas shopping

new earrings

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been working on several pairs of earrings. They were’t looking particularly glamourous at that point, but after lots of polishing and shining, they are finally finished. I was making mainly post earrings at the time, but since then I’ve finished some new dangly ones too. Here’s a … More new earrings


Mistletoe seems to be much more common in France than the UK. This is maybe because it needs clean air and established trees to thrive, and France is both more sparsely populated, and less intensively farmed. We often see the big, tangled balls of leaves and berries when the trees are bare in the winter. In … More mistletoe


Bryony is one of those plants that twists and twines through the hedgerows in a fairly unobtrusive way, until autumn, when it suddenly blazes with bright red berries. I’m rather fond of it, not least because it was one of my favourite illustrations in a childhood book called Flower Fairies of the Autumn by Cicely Mary Barker. … More bryony

working en plein air

The hot and sunny July weather is continuing into August, although we do have rain and thunderstorms forecast for later in the week. We’re walking, cycling and gardening in the mornings before it gets too warm, then retreating into the shade in the afternoons. Luckily, the terrace outside the little house is lightly shaded by ash … More working en plein air


Finally the sun has made a welcome return. The past two days have been lovely, with the promise of a dry and warm week to come. There are lots of jobs to do in the garden, plus it’s high time we got the bikes out again. The grey damp days did give me the opportunity … More sunflower