They Call It Poppy Love

I’ve been reviewing how my designs did in 2019, and I can only conclude that there is a lot of love out there for poppies. Not only were my poppy pieces easily my best sellers, I also got some really great feedback from my lovely customers. "Absolutely gorgeous. Really helpful maker. Well packed and prompt … Continue reading They Call It Poppy Love

Latest Designs: Sweet Chestnut

I’ve been working on a new collection for the past few weeks, and now that the pieces are back from being hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office, I can start to show them off. The design features heavy hammer marks on thick silver wire. The pieces are oxidised with liver of sulphur, which makes them … Continue reading Latest Designs: Sweet Chestnut

Latest Designs: Little Copper Hearts

I have made this pretty little collection of jewellery especially for the Coquetdale Art Gallery in Rothbury. All of the pieces feature warm copper hearts, combined with hammered and oxidised silver. There are two styles of pendant, post and drop earrings, a copper charm bangle, and a silver chain bracelet. They will all be available from … Continue reading Latest Designs: Little Copper Hearts

Introducing SeaSong

I feel as if there should be a drum roll here. For the past few months, I’ve been working on a brand new collection of designs, and I’ve finally reached the point where I’m ready to share the first few pieces. The collection is called SeaSong, and it combines my beach-combing finds with hand made … Continue reading Introducing SeaSong

new designs: autumnal amber

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had been working with amber. I actually got a string of beautiful coin beads from a lady who was selling strings of beads by weight at a brocante (antiques market) in nearby Langeac. I wasted no time in de-stringing them, and found I had a wonderful … Continue reading new designs: autumnal amber

news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

Having carried out extensive research (that'll be five minutes on the internet then), I have discovered that the collective noun for seahorses is 'herd'.  A herd of seahorses. That just sounds wrong. It's a word that doesn't begin to do justice to these weird, graceful, beautiful creatures, and I've decided to go with 'flotilla' instead. … Continue reading news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

news from the workshop: silver birch

One way or another, I've mostly been working on designs inspired by the bark of the silver birch tree for the past few days. I usually apply the distinctive texture using the edge of an old and slightly pitted hammer, but I decided to try something slightly different with the bangle pictured above. It's made … Continue reading news from the workshop: silver birch

weekly photo challenge: connected

Making jewellery is partly about ideas and creativity, but a larger element than you might think is concerned with engineering and problem-solving. It's fine to create a beautiful centrepiece for a design, but you also have to think about how to incorporate it into a practical piece of jewellery, that can be worn comfortably, and … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: connected

welcome to my day: silver poppies I'm experimenting with Mesh, a phone app recommended by WordPress. It allows you to create a gallery of photos from you phone (or iPad in my case) and publish it directly to your blog. Which is exactly what I've done. It's been wet today, so I've been working on a couple of designs in … Continue reading welcome to my day: silver poppies


The prompt for this week's photo challenge is "muse", and we are asked, "what subject keeps you coming back?" What I keep returning to, in both my photography and my jewellery designs, are leaves. I'm particularly fascinated with oak leaves at the moment. We have a lot of little saplings growing around the garden, and the … Continue reading muse