Silver Birch

The birch is one of my favourite trees, and the inspiration for several of my designs. I love their tall, graceful shape, the bright golden colour of their leaves in autumn, and their distinctive pale bark, which peels back in strips. Known as the goddess tree or lady of the woods, the birch is one … Continue reading Silver Birch

monday verse: winter

A simple passage of weak notes Is all the winter bird dare try The bugle moon by daylight floats So glassy white about the sky, So like a berg of hyaline, And pencilled blue so daintily, I never saw her so divine But through black branches, rarely drest In scarves of silky shot and shine. … Continue reading monday verse: winter

gift ideas for january birthdays

Did you know that the silver birch tree is associated with the star sign capricorn? Apparently, according to Celtic tree astrology, this is indeed the case. I'm not sure how historically accurate this is (not entirely, I suspect), but its a beguiling idea. The birch, known as the goddess tree or lady of the woods, … Continue reading gift ideas for january birthdays

news from the workshop: silver birch ring

I posted last week about my new piece of workshop equipment - a device that enables me to accurately size rings. Well, here is the first of my new silver ring designs, and I have to say that I'm thrilled with the way it's turned out. I made a plain silver band from 3mm round … Continue reading news from the workshop: silver birch ring

silver birch choker

  I've recently added this new design to my online shop. It's an elegantly curved silver pendant, designed to mimic the curling bark strips of the silver birch tree. The silver pendant tapers gently from the bottom, and the top has been rolled over to form a loop, which carries a leather thong. It's intended as … Continue reading silver birch choker

christmas is coming…

... and the last dates for posting out items are rapidly approaching. If you're thinking of ordering some jewellery from La Petite Maison Bijoux as a gift, please bear in mind the last despatch dates for Christmas delivery: USA - Friday 12th December EU (including UK) - Saturday 13th December France - Saturday 20th December So … Continue reading christmas is coming…

weekly photo challenge: minimalist

This week's photo challenge asks us to illustrate the word 'minimalist', which happens to suit a piece of jewellery that I've just finished. This is a textured silver ring, which gradually tapers as it spirals around the finger. The design is very minimal, and relies on its strong lines and careful finishing to make an … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: minimalist

silver birch

Summer is drawing to a close, and hints of autumn are starting to creep into my jewellery designs. I'm very influenced by what's going on the natural world around me, so I tend to produce floral designs in the spring and early summer, then start on seed pods, berries  and leaves as soon as the nights … Continue reading silver birch