I’m still taking part in the May Challenge over on Instagram, which is pretty good going for me. I haven’t posted every prompt on here, although you can see the pictures on this page under the heading Latest Images. Or you can pop over to my Insta page. Today’s theme is Springtime, so I thought … Continue reading Springtime

Flowers and Friends

It’s hard to believe it today, as the rain pours down, but we’ve had some really hot, sunny days over the summer. The weather seems to have suited both flowers and their friends the insects. It’s been heartening to see so many over the past couple of months, both in gardens, and on wild flowers. … Continue reading Flowers and Friends


This week's photo challenge invites us to share the structure of an everyday object. I took this photograph of allium flowers back in June, when we visited the National Trust property Washington Old Hall. The flowers heads are huge pom-poms of colour, and when there's a whole bed of them, it's easy for the eye … Continue reading Structure

where the bee dances

Our lavender is looking really splendid this year, much to the delight of this enormous bee. I assume it's a bumble bee of some sort, but I have failed badly with bee identification in the past, so I'm unwilling to commit myself! Please do leave a comment if you know exactly what sort of bee … Continue reading where the bee dances

flowers and bees

We are continuing to leave areas of our garden a little wilder this year, in order to provide food for bees and butterflies. It's still a little early for many of the butterflies, although I did see a swallowtail a few days ago, but we do have a lot of bees visiting, and hopefully pollenating … Continue reading flowers and bees

the advance of autumn

It's now late October, and autumn has well and truly arrived here in our corner of Auvergne. There are a lot of mushrooms springing up in the garden, as well as the surrounding woodland, and a correspondingly large number of locals gathering them. I'm not sure that the ones pictured above are good for eating … Continue reading the advance of autumn

Drunk In The Thistle Head

I’m thrilled to say that today’s Monday Verse was inspired by one of my own blog posts. It’s by Ben Truesdale over on the Distilled Voice blog, and the thoughts behind it were sparked by my post The Thistle and the Bees. Thank you Ben!



Drunk in the thistle head,
Bees become
In the leisure
Of the drug
Emitted like scent
And colour.
No longer
The wary leg
And body tilted
In defensive
‘Keep away’
For heads
Burrow deep
As forgetting.
And what was happy work
Is just the blissful dream
Of being
Carefree and abundant,
And being so very drunk
On the utter taste of love.

© Ben Truesdale and distilledvoice, 2015

Inspired and for la petite maison bijoux http://grahy.fr

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the thistle and the bees

We've allowed more areas of the garden to stay a little bit wild this year, and we've been rewarded with many beautiful wild flowers and grasses. Some of the most striking are these thistles, which stand waist high. They're just starting to bloom, and they have proved to be an instant hit with the bees. … Continue reading the thistle and the bees