where the bee dances

Our lavender is looking really splendid this year, much to the delight of this enormous bee. I assume it's a bumble bee of some sort, but I have failed badly with bee identification in the past, so I'm unwilling to commit myself! Please do leave a comment if you know exactly what sort of bee … Continue reading where the bee dances

weekly photo challenge: partners

Flowers and bees - a perfect partnership. Their mutually beneficial relationship has evolved over millions of years. It is now sadly under threat, as bee numbers are in decline. There are several simple, practical things that we can all do to help, such as those suggested on the Friends of the Earth Website. You can find many … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: partners

monday verse: elderflower

Soft corrugations in the boortree’s trunk, Its green young shoots, its rods like freckled solder: It was our bower as children, a greenish, dank And snapping memory as I get older. And elderberry I have learned to call it. I love its blooms like saucers brimmed with meal, Its berries a swart caviar of shot, … Continue reading monday verse: elderflower