April Landscapes

My horizons have been limited to locations within easy walking distance of the house this month, so my pictures are not as varied as usual, I’m afraid. There have been some great clouds though, and a rainbow. I should maybe have called this April Skyscapes, rather than Landscapes.

April Landscape: The End of the Day

I usually try to pick a photograph that sums up the month, but this April has seen such dramatic changes in the landscape that it feels impossible to represent it in one image. Instead, I’ve chosen this beautiful, dramatic bank of cloud, which is reflecting the colour of the setting sun. It also features one … Continue reading April Landscape: The End of the Day

monday verse: a wood coming into leaf

From the first to the second Warily, from the tip to the palm Third leaf (the blackthorn done) From the fourth to the fifth and (Latrix, Castanea, Fraxinus, Tilja) Thaw taps, groping in stumps, frost like an adder easing away The sixth to the seventh (plums conceive a knobbly stone within a blossom) Ushers the … Continue reading monday verse: a wood coming into leaf