Flowers and Friends

It’s hard to believe it today, as the rain pours down, but we’ve had some really hot, sunny days over the summer. The weather seems to have suited both flowers and their friends the insects. It’s been heartening to see so many over the past couple of months, both in gardens, and on wild flowers. … More Flowers and Friends


This week’s photo challenge invites us to share the structure of an everyday object. I took this photograph of allium flowers back in June, when we visited the National Trust property Washington Old Hall. The flowers heads are huge pom-poms of colour, and when there’s a whole bed of them, it’s easy for the eye … More Structure

bursting buds

Remember back in March, when I was so pleased that my allium bulbs were shooting? Well, they’ve really come on over the past few days, and they’re now on the point of bursting into flower. Considering I shoved them in on a bit of a wing and a prayer last Autumn, they’re doing really well. … More bursting buds

green shoots

I have two small borders in front of the little house. When we first came here, they were completely overshadowed by a huge old walnut tree, and contained a few scabby-looking roses. I cut the roses down at ground level, and planted some lavender and perennial geraniums. They all did okay last summer, despite one … More green shoots