The designs in my Silver Birch collection feature thick sterling silver wire, which has been marked with the edge of a file, so that it resembles the boldly marked trunks of silver birch trees.

Each design is oxidised once complete. Oxidisation is a process which uses liver of sulphur to speed up the natural process of tarnishing, and turns the surface of the silver a dark slate grey colour. I then polish every piece by hand, returning the surface to a bright silver, but leaving dark patination in the file marks. This really emphasises the texture of these designs.

The birch, known as the goddess tree or lady of the woods, is one of the first trees to come into leaf in the spring. It is associated with protection, renewal and new beginnings, and with the zodiac sign capricorn.

The Silver Birch collection is simple and unfussy, perfect for anyone who loves natural, organic jewellery. Each item is hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office, which is your guarantee that it has been made from genuine sterling silver.