The designs in my Daisy Collection are made from silver and brass. The flowers are formed by hand, from sheets of silver. They are given a strong texture with the edge of a hammer, and the edges are given a slightly uneven finish, which represents the daisy petals. The centres are textured brass domes.

Each design is oxidised once complete. Oxidisation is a process which uses liver of sulphur to speed up the natural process of tarnishing, and turns the surface of the metal a dark slate grey colour. I then polish every piece by hand, partially rubbing back to the surface, emphasising the texture, and giving the designs a beautiful mellow patina, and a slightly antique feel.

Daisies are bright, cheerful little flowers, which bloom from early spring right through to late autumn. In the language of flowers, the daisy represents innocence, purity, and true love. It is also the birth flower for the month of April.

The Daisy Collection is an eye-catching and bold set of pieces, perfect for lovers of floral designs, and ideal for anyone who shares their name with the flower.