It’s been a cold start to the new year here in Northumberland, but there are signs that whilst spring may not be just around the corner, it is certainly on the horizon. We’re starting to see the green points of snowdrops pushing up through the soil, and through last year’s leaf litter. It’s our first … More Growth

Grahy 2011

Originally posted on 750 metres:
2011 was the first full year we owned our french house. We had arranged for a local builder to install a fosse septique, a bathroom and other improvements. Which he did during a very cold January through to March. So cold in fact that in February our neighbours contacted us to…

Grahy 2010

Originally posted on 750 metres:
This is the house as we first saw it in July 2010. It was all very overgrown! The interior of the main house was used as a studio by the past owner and their many artworks. We finally signed the Act de Vente just before Christmas and this time the area…

flowers and bees

We are continuing to leave areas of our garden a little wilder this year, in order to provide food for bees and butterflies. It’s still a little early for many of the butterflies, although I did see a swallowtail a few days ago, but we do have a lot of bees visiting, and hopefully pollenating … More flowers and bees

blossom time

As April progresses, more and more blossom is staring to appear, both in the garden and the surrounding woods. In fact. some of the early cherry blossom down in the local town of Brioude is already finished. Blossom time is so fleeting, it’s lovely to be able to capture it on camera. I thought I’d … More blossom time