Late Winter Gifts

With all the focus on Christmas, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that people do have birthdays in January in February. I speak as someone with a birthday in early February!

Whether you’re planning well ahead, or need something quickly, I have some designs that are particularly appropriate for late winter birthdays.

Silver birch is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn, so good for birthdays in early January. It also symbolises renewal and new beginnings. My Silver Birch collection captures the essence of the beautiful, boldly marked trunks of these trees, and features a range of designs.

In terms of birthstones, it’s garnet for January, and amethyst for February. Garnets are a gorgeous rich deep red colour. They are an ancient symbol of friendship, so they make a lovely doubly-symbolic birthday gift. Amethysts are translucent pale purple stones, said to promote calmness and clarity. I use both stones for my silver leaf and berry designs

You will find all of these designs in my online shop, together with my other collections. 

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