Three New Sea Glass Designs

I’ve been busy with custom orders for the past couple of weeks, but I have also found time to finish some more of my melted silver and sea glass pendants.

I love making these. I start with a small heap of silver offcuts – bits left over from other jobs. I heat them with my blow torch until they just start to melt and fuse together, creating beautiful organic shapes. You never know how they’re going to turn our, and not all of them are usable. Sometimes, though, the result is perfect. 

I usually start with the fused silver shape, and then search my collection of sea glass to find the right piece. I usually have something that sits just right, and the heart-shaped pendant was a particular piece of good fortune. 

These three are all available now from my online shop, in good time for Christmas gift shopping. I’m hoping to add some more designs soon, including a rather lovely piece of sea pottery. Watch this space for updates! 

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