We’ve just returned home from a week in the lovely East Neuk of Fife, which as well as a welcome break and a change of scenery, gave me the opportunity to replenish my stock of sea glass and sea pottery. Some of the beaches up there seem to provide the prefect environment to smooth and polish broken bits of glass and ceramic, and transform them into tiny jewels.


We were out and about walking on the coast path every day,  so it was fairy easy to combine this with a little bit of beachcombing. Or quite a lot – I tend to lose track of time once I start hunting.

Eyes on the prize – you need to stay alert to spot the best bits!

Quite a bit of what I pick up isn’t suitable for making into jewellery, because it has jagged edges, or chips, or is the wrong shape. I pop these pieces into a big glass jar, so they don’t go to waste. I had some extremely lucky finds this year though, including this magnificent almost-perfect triangle of pottery with a design of leaves.

I was thrilled to see it just lying on the sand like that as the tide receded. I also picked up the perfect tiny piece of blue pottery to fit a fused silver setting that I had already made. Sometimes it’s a case of waiting for just the right piece to come along.

I was really keen to get started with these two lovely pieces, and the finished designs are now listed for sale online in my Etsy shop.

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