Barley and Wheat

I made this silver and ceramic pendant using a piece of sea-weathered pottery from a beach in Fife, Scotland. I count it as one of my luckier beachcombing finds, because it’s a fairly regular shape, and the ear of wheat just sits in a nice diagonal across the surface. So many pieces of sea glass and pottery have jagged, uneven edges or surfaces, and aren’t suitable for bezel setting

I’ve been thinking about this piece of pottery, and what inspired its original designer, as I have watched fields of barley grow and ripen this spring and summer.

You can see where the idea for the design on the pottery originated. I like to imagine the larger piece that it came from. A tea or coffee set perhaps? I think it has a bit of a 70s vibe, with the brown and cream colouring. I haven’t been able to find an exact match, but the ear of wheat or barley seems to have been a popular motif on ceramics during that period.

I’ve been around the house much more than usual this year, and walking daily in the local area, I have become just a little bit obsessed with this beautiful cereal crop.

It started out as a muddy field in February, gradually taking on a slight haze of green, and getting taller and more feathery as the months went on. It’s looking at its very best just now, especially when backed by a blue late-summer sky. Its days much surely be numbered, as it has mostly turned a rich golden-yellow colour, and looks to be pretty much ready for harvest.

Meanwhile, the ear of wheat ceramic pendant is available from my online shop.

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