Summer Gift Ideas

June is nearly over, so I thought it’s high time I shared some gift ideas for those with summer birthdays. First up are my Daisy designs, mostly made from silver and brass, but I have recently added a pendant set with a beautiful golden yellow citrine. The designs are as neat and fresh as the flower itself, which represents innocence, purity, and true love.

I couldn’t talk about summer birthdays without mentioning my Poppy collection, which features some of my most popular designs. It’s an ever-expanding range, the most recent additions being a heavy silver bangle, and a pendant set with a deep red garnet. Poppies are associated with the imagination, and they are one of the birth flowers for the month of August. A couple of my designs also feature green peridots, which are the August birthstone.

Finally, for many people summer means the beach, which makes the pieces in my Seasong collection ideal gifts. They feature sea glass or pottery that I have found on the North East coast, and each design is completely unique.

You can find all of these designs, plus many more, in my online Etsy shop. I’m adding new pieces all the time, so do keep checking if you have a birthday coming up, and you’re looking for a special gift. I can gift wrap your purchase, add a personal message, and dispatch direct to the recipient, making the whole process quick and easy for you.


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