Just a Card

Today I’m giving a big shout out to the Just a Card campaign, a not-for-profit organisation who aim to encourage people to support, value, and buy from, artists, makers, designers, and independent shops. Their message is that every purchase, no matter how small, even “just a card,” can make a huge difference to a small business.

Hands up, there is obviously a degree of self-interest here! But Just a Card have genuinely been doing amazing work to support and promote independent makers throughout the Covid-19 crisis, when small shops and galleries have been forced to close, and the usual round of craft fairs and makers’ markets are simply not happening. These are the businesses that provide genuine choice and diversity, and the opportunity to find something different and unique. There’s a real danger that they won’t be there any more if we don’t all do our bit to support them.

You can find out more about the Just a Card campaign on their website, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. They also have a Kickstarter running at the moment, looking to raise funds for a package of tools that small businesses can use to promote their work. They have already reached their funding target, but they are still keen for people to sign up to pledge their support.

Please think about seeking out an independent seller, local shop, or small gallery next time you’re looking to make a purchase. Even if it is just a card.

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