I should have been spending today in the lovely coastal village of Bamburgh, taking part in a craft fair in Bamburgh Pavilion. Obviously it’s a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but it is really sad that all the fairs, markets, and shows that take place in communities up and down the county have had to be cancelled this year.

I don’t sell in person at that many events, so I always put in a bit of extra work beforehand to make sure that I have plenty to show. As I can’t be there today, I thought I’d put on a little virtual craft fair, and share some of the designs that I would have taken with me.

First up, here is the venue. We’re in the pretty village of Bamburgh, on the Northumberland coast. It is dominated by its castle, and is also the location of the Grace Darling museum. The white building in the first picture is the village hall – the Bamburgh Pavilion.


As we’re on the coast, I’ll start with some of my Seasong designs, which feature sea glass, sea pottery, and other beach finds.

We’re now into Summer, so I would definitely be showcasing my new Daisy collection.

Also perfect for summer are my Poppy designs. Some of these are old favourites, but I have added some new pieces this year, including the garnet-set pendant.


I’ll finish with some of my pieces inspired by the local woodland – Silver Birch and Sweet Chestnut.

Here’s hoping that things continue to improve, and we’ll be able to find a way to safely hold local events and markets again soon. In the mean time, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of what you’ve missed today, and don’t forget all of these designs, plus many more, are available to buy online from my Etsy shop.

Picture credits for all of these photographs go to David Tanner of A Lens in the Landscape. He has a range of his work, including shots of the Northumberland coast,  available as prints or downloads from Picfair.

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